About Us

Sweetie’s Italian Ice aspires to compliment you by offering a delicious frozen treat in your local  community. Italian ice compliments all occasions.  It can be used as a fund raiser for your special event.  Sporting events 5 runs and walks employee appreciation summer camp child care family gatherings picnics most all events.  

Sweetie’s Italian Ice is a refreshing light treat sure to please everyone on a hot sunny day.  Sweetie’s Italian Ice  offers people of ages a flavor suitable to their liking.  It’s served fresh in a variety of fruity fun flavors meant to tickle the taste buds, cherry, lemon, mango, bubble gum, root beer, or rainbow.   Some flavors are sugar free, key lime, lemon, strawberries.  Our menu provides specialty flavors mixed with chocolate if you’re a true chocoholic. 

The Italian Ice is supplied by a true Italian Ice makers here in the local area.  People this is the real thing, served cool fresh and delicious.

During the long hot days of summers, let your memories be filled with Sweetie’s Italian Ice; refreshing treats putting a smile on your face. 

Our Mission

Sweetie’s Italian Ice mission is to put a smile on your face!!! 

Sweetie’s Italian Ice strongly believes in serving the youth, and various local community initiatives that enhance our neighborhoods.  Supporting local programs and activities that better the everyday lives of citizens are the projects Sweetie’s Italian Ice enjoys being a part of. 

In doing so, Sweetie’s Italian Ice works with the community to create new educational and fun workshops for children, teens and adults.  Sweetie’s Italian Ice appreciates our communities equally as a whole and would like to be a part of as much growth and success in the lives of everyone.  

Our vision is to bring these delicious cool flavors of Sweetie's italian ice to your community.  If you have events, projects, or ideas you would like Sweetie’s Italian Ice to compliment please contact us. 



Mildred Lowe

Sweetie’s Italian Ice was founded by Mildred Lowe.  As a young girl growing up in Philadelphia, PA during the hot summers, italian ice was always available in most local corner grocery stores throughout the city.  Memories of enjoying a fresh cool italian ice is what inspired Mildred to begin distributing Sweetie’s Italian Ice, via local suppliers right here in South Florida #thinklocal.  Mildred is known as Sweetie by her beloved grandson, and decided to honor the Italian Ice business with that name.  Mildred works and resides in Broward County, FL.